Our Story
AdHitch was originally in the mobile billboard truck business. They were effective, but the expenses and liabilities that came with operating them, just like the beautiful digital billboards we see on the side of the road, were prohibitive.

Our focus turned to developing a cost-effective, mobile/portable billboard that anyone could use (and afford) and that could go where traditional, static billboards couldn’t – Anywhere people can go! The initial concept of AdHitch was born.

The AdHitch billboard fits into the 2” hitch receiver on any vehicle. Actually, anywhere you can weld a 2” hitch receiver is a potential platform for placing the AdHitch billboard! Unlike wraps and permanent mobile billboard platforms, the AdHitch billboard does not compromise the integrity of the vehicle. We applied for, and ultimately received, 3 utility patents specific to the hitch receiver of any vehicle.

Our Idea
First, we developed a ‘trivision’ sign that could display 3 different rotating graphics. At the time, it was very impressive and quite effective, but did have the limitations of allowing only 3 ads at a time. The expense and time involved in printing new images was also a downside. With the advent of reliable and cost-effective LED components, the AdHitch billboard explored the use of digital signs; mounted onto the aluminum frames that slide into a vehicle’s hitch receiver. We built our first AdHitch digital prototype in 2015 and subsequently launched our state-of-the-art production model in 2017.

We decided to create a mobile billboard that could be used in multiple scenarios with several applications – on or off of a vehicle. With that in mind, we developed a mobile stand that allows you to mount the AdHitch billboard, roll it to any location. The possibilities are unlimited and we currently have a bevy of next generation patents in the works

Our Mission
We have spent the last decade innovating and refining our portable digital billboards, and our customers are using them with great satisfaction and stunning business results. Advertising is such a crucial aspect of any businesses, and we are glad to be leaders of this innovative space in advertising world. We strive to develop the most cutting-edge mobile digital billboard marketing and advertising technology and want as many businesses and individuals as possible to benefit from our research and design. We are extremely grateful for all the positive recognition, awards, and customers we’ve received over the last ten years and thank you all for your ongoing support!