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We go where other billboards can’t!
Combining vivid imagery with motion, AdHitch advertising is essential for entrepreneurs and businesses! We drive your message to your demographic to deliver amazing results! With regular expensive billboards, your demographic needs to drive to where your billboards are, whereas, AdHitch is actively targeting people in your geographic area; where they get gas, go shopping, get groceries, or spending time at the park. You ad could start running as soon as tomorrow!

The AdHitch billboard has revolutionized the advertising industry! The perfect marketing tool for any size business or any event. The possibilities are truly endless!

Promote your business or event!

  • For any budget!
  • Targeted to your geographic area!
  • Nothing else like it!
  • Bright and eye-catching!
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  • Cost effective!
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  • We drive your message to your customers!
  • Unique “WOW” factor advertising!
  • Advertise your upcoming sale, grand opening or event!
  • We can target specific cities or regions!
  • Professional ad design service!
  • Your ad will be visible 6-7 hours a day by thousands of people!

We drive your message to your demographic!

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