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1. Store Front Signage
AdHitch allows you to have a storefront billboard because it is not a permanent structure. Not only can you finally get your storefront signage, but with AdHitch, you also get portability.

2. Event Signage
Promote your brand at any event! Easily transport your sign to an outdoor event, indoor trade show or convention! Easily transfer the AdHitch from your vehicle to the included AdHitch portable stand on wheels. Weather and water resistant!

3. Cloud Based
You can monitor, add content, and even turn off your sign from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection.

4. Turn Key Business in a Box
A turn key business delivered to your door that can be up and running in minutes! Turn your daily drive into a mobile billboard by selling ad space for quick, easy income and pay off your investment in no time!

5. Drive Your Message
Drive around your message to masses. Instead of people looking for billboards, you're bringing billboards to the city or the rural areas where your potential customers are!

6. Environmentally Friendly
No deteriorating paper, plastic or vinyl banners! AdHitch runs off your a 12v battery or a standard household (110v) outlet. LED lights last longer and use less power than traditional lights.

7. The versatile design is great
"Within minutes, I can have the AdHitch on my vehicle or the mobile stand, ready for advertising any indoor or outdoor event!"

8. The "Wow" factor
"People stop to ask me about the AdHitch everywhere I go! It starts to sell itself over time. It truly is a one-of-a-kind product."

9. On-Demand Advertising
Need to immediately display a lost child alert to multiple displays at your event? Need to redirect traffic due to an emergency situation at your business or school? Want to let people know where they can park for your event? Want to replay that fabulous touchdown video for fans? With AdHitch, you can create and upload ads and video on the fly!

10. Our mission is your message
For close to 20 years, traditional out-of-home marketing has been expanding into the digital age of LED Billboards. Business owners across America face many challenges in purchasing this new digital out-of-home advertising space.