adhitch access trunkWhat is an LED?
LED means Light Emitting Diode. It is a small light bulb. This differs from incandescent light bulbs in a few key areas, it does not have a filament, which makes it more efficient and have a longer life span.

The individual LEDs are grouped together in what is known as a pixel. The number of LEDs in each pixel varies. There could be one LED or there could be 4 LEDs in one pixel. The matrix of an LED display is made up of the number of pixels high and the number of pixels wide. The matrix is what determines that physical size of the sign. If an LED sign is 24 pixels tall and 96 pixels wide, the matrix is 24x96.

What is the difference between pixel pitch?
Pixel Pitch simply refers to the distance between each pixel on the screen. The viewing distance will determine the appropriate pixel pitch. Roadside billboards and stadium screens often use 16-20mm pixel pitch for the long viewing distance. Our display are P6 with a minimum viewing distance of roughly 5 ft. At this distance it is like viewing a large television screen.

Can you access the trunk?
Yes, the patented design of the AdHitch allows the sign to swing out 90 degrees for full access to the trunk or tailgate.

specs2What are the dimensions and weight of the display?
The AdHitch display is 53"w x 31.5"h. It is roughly the size of a 60" TV. A perfect size for every situation. The AdHitch weighs just under 100lbs. It can easily be moved with two people between the stand and truck.

What can the sign display?
The AdHitch can display text, images, video, animation, time and dates. Live feed is not possible with the standard AdHitch control card.

How do you power it?
12v battery for vehicle use. You can plug into any standard household outlet (110v AC power source) with the included power converter.

What is the brightness of the display?
The screen is 6,500+ nits. The sign can be seen in direct sunlight and dim for night time use.

Is AdHitch legal?
The AdHitch is legal in all 50 states. Some areas may have laws regarding brightness or when and where you can use it. Check with your local authorities for more information.


  • Dimensions: 53"w x 31.5" h x 5" d
  • Resolution: 6mm Pixel Pitch (P6mm)
  • Max Brightness: 8,000nits
  • Weight of AdHitch: About 100 lbs
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminum
  • Weather Rating: Ip67 front / ip54 rear
  • LED Type:  Nationstar SMD
  • Viewing Angle: 140° Horizontal 60° Vertical
  • Max Power Consumption: 95 amps @ 12 volts
  • Power Source: Vehicle or Household (110v) outlet
  • Control Card: Asynchronous
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F – 140° F
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Swings out for full trunk access

Software Requirements

  • Computer: Windows, Mac
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 10, Android, iOS
  • Browser: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge

Versatile Design

Easily attach AdHitch to your vehicle's hitch, attach to a wall or mount on the mobile stand. Within minutes you can switch from vehicle to our mobile stand on wheels for indoor or outdoor use.

Packed with Technology

Download the AdHitch Software and access it from any device. Upload and change ads or videos – wirelessly and in real time. Whatever you upload, your billboard will display it!

High Definition

60" HD LED display illuminates your message with superior visibility. Waterproof coating and seal on each module make advertising easy in any weather!


AdHitch fits into any 2" hitch receiver. Mount the included AdHitch Mobile Stand on any vehicle. Plug into a wall outlet or the auxiliary battery if mounted to a vehicle.

WiFi Connected

AdHitch is equipped with WiFi so you can remotely access the sign from anywhere in the world, via any device through your internet connection and our software.

Easy to Setup

AdHitch is 100% portable and can go everywhere billboards can't! Your billboard comes ready to "plug & go!" Durable weather and water-resistant construction.

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