Mobile Billboard Advertising by AdHitch
4 Ways Mobile Billboard Advertising Can Help You Grow Your Business

Did you know that there are almost 28 million small businesses in America? So if you own a business and are trying to advertise, you’re up against some stiff competition. That’s why you need to do anything and everything you can to separate yourself from the crowd. One great way to do this is through

Effective Mobile Billboards: Advertising Done Right
Judging Billboard Advertising Effectiveness: Do They Still Work?

Today, when you think about advertisements, the first thing that pops into mind are television and internet ads. But what about billboards? These oversized adverts are still around and actually do a lot of good for brands. When you look at the numbers, you’ll find that overlooking this method could be costing your business potential

LED Billboards: Effective Outdoor Advertising
The 4 Amazing Benefits of Using LED Billboards for Your Ads

Want to make sure you stand out from the crowd? Thinking about using LED billboards for your business? An LED billboard can be a great choice for advertising your business to many people at once and has a lot of benefits over other types of ads. LED billboards and mobile billboard advertising can allow you

Mobile Billboard Advertising by AdHitch
Ads-to-Go: How Mobile Billboard Advertising Provides Great ROI

Digital marketing is a mainstay of the industry, but it isn’t limited to social media ads. The market for mobile billboards is growing, too. By the end of 2018, $30 billion will be the total spent on out-of-home marketing, and digital OOH will account for 18% of it. If you want to be on the

Billboard Trucks: AdHitch Mobile Billboard Solutions
5 Surprising Facts About Billboard Truck Advertising

You could have 30,000 to 70,000 people seeing your brand and ads every day. How is this possible? With a billboard truck, you can have moving billboard advertising. There are thousands of semi trucks on the road each day ready to advertise your business. Using mobile advertising on trucks gives you the chance to reach

Effective Billboards: Mobile Billboards by AdHitch
Effective Billboards Are Mobile Billboards: Take Your Ad Campaign to the Streets

You’re a small business owner. You need to get your name out there. And, of course, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Have you considered mobile billboard advertising? Think about how much time the average person spends in their car each week. This is a great time to show them what

Mobile Billboards
How to Get Quick Marketing Success with a Mobile Billboard

71% of people look at the mobile billboards we pass by. In fact, 37% of people report to looking at the same moving billboard each time we pass it. Advertising to people who are in their cars makes sense. We spend on average up to 20 hours a week in our cars like sitting ducks.

Billboard Design: Mobile Billboard Ideas
Billboard Design: 4 Tips for an Eye-Catching Mobile Billboard

Many people still wonder whether a mobile billboard design can grow your business. Well, the answer to that is “Yes”. Though it may be considered unconventional, it can still benefit your business. For one, they are very visible and provide customers with your contact information. As an example, you can park near malls and other

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