Billboard Trucks: AdHitch Mobile Billboard Solutions

You could have 30,000 to 70,000 people seeing your brand and ads every day. How is this possible?

With a billboard truck, you can have moving billboard advertising. There are thousands of semi trucks on the road each day ready to advertise your business.

Using mobile advertising on trucks gives you the chance to reach a captive audience. It also gives you a new audience each day as the truck moves around the country.

Still not convinced? Keep reading for 5 more surprising facts about truck advertising.

1. The Most Bang for Your Buck

It will cost a low 48 cents per 1,000 people for your mobile billboard advertising. This is the lowest advertising option you can find today.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America tracks traditional media advertising. To reach 1,000 during prime time TV it will cost $18.90.

To reach a 1,000 people with a quarter page ad in a newspaper it will cost $11.03. To be in a national magazine it is $5.57. Finally, those 1,000 people during prime time radio are going to cost $5.57.

2. Know How Many People See Your Ad

It used to be a guessing game to know how many people would see your mobile billboard. This is changing thanks to TAB working with 3M.

The Traffic Audit Bureau monitors stationary billboards on highways across the country. This tracking system works with the Highway Performance Monitoring System. The monitoring system records road layout and auto traffic count by the hour.

By using the GPS systems in trucks we can now determine where and when your mobile billboard travels. This information can then tell us how many people were on the road and would have seen the ad.

3. They Can be Reflective

Mobile billboards don’t have to be a graphic that only get impressions during the day. You have the option of reflective or lit mobile billboards.

As printing technology advances, ads become more detailed and effective. Reflective printing gives you increased impressions by being visible at night.

Your other option is a lit digital board. An LED display is customizable and easy to change with software. This lets you change your advertising to fit any situation or time of day.

4. It Is Not as Expensive as You Think

When mobile advertising was first considered, large format digital printing was very expensive. It could cost up to $40,000 to cover a truck in vinyl.

These days it can cost as low as $2,000-$3,000 for printing. At this rate it makes is a logical choice for 2-3 years of use.

5. You Have Longevity

The American Trucking Association found that 98% of people notice the ads on semi trucks. There are two reasons for this, proximity and size.

As you drive down the highway you tend to drive with the same cars for long periods of time. This gives the passengers of other vehicles a long time to notice the vehicles around them.

Semi trucks are also very large in comparison to the vehicles around them. It is hard to not notice when one is next to you. This inherent need to look at it will drive your impressions up.

Consider the Billboard Truck

If you are looking for a new way to reach your audience consider a billboard truck. Having this large truck on the road is the most cost-effective way to build brand awareness.

The cost of printing has gone down over the years. This gives you the ability to change your imaging as needed.

Reflective printing and lit billboards increase the visible time of your advertising. Thanks to tracking advancements, you can know how many people see your ads with accuracy.

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