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AdHitch  mobile digital billboards have been created to work for your brands; they are not mere showpieces. It is cost-effective and portable; AdHitch’s led billboards make it feasible for small businesses to advertise optimally and confidently! Helping you extensively spread brand awareness, AdHitch billboards can be mounted seamlessly on cars and trucks. With a software system built in, you can upload any image or ad content instantly, using any smart device.

Digital displays have the power to capture about 400% higher views than static displays. Digital signage, therefore, has the potential to improve brand awareness by 47.7%. (Ref: https://www.screenfluence.com/blog/2020/11/17/27-digital-signage-statistics-for-2021-infographic/)

If this is the potential of this medium, there are few questions that brand managers and marketers need to address:

  • Are they using the potential of digital signs? If not you are missing out on an optimized method to create awareness about your brand.
  • If you are, how effectively are you converting customers? Ad Hitch is all about brand awareness and driving customers to your door.

Both of these questions can be effectually addressed by choosing to use Mobile LED billboard signs from AdHitch. Our Mobile Led billboards are currently being used in unlimited applications characterized by versatility and innovative technology.

AdHitch portable digital signs are fast becoming the first choice for brands looking at maximizing the use of OOH digital billboards. We have engineered a billboard system that is not just digital, it is portable and it goes where the big led billboards can’t go. The big digital highway billboards are beautiful but most business’ cannot afford them.

What makes digital signages so effective?

At the center of all the activity lies the human brain – the smartest organ in the human body that has a unique way to identify images faster – it takes the brain only 13 milliseconds to detect an image. Our brain loves visual information – at least 90% of the information received and processed by the brain is visual. (Ref: https://www.screenfluence.com/blog/2020/11/17/27-digital-signage-statistics-for-2021-infographic/).

Also: Turn any Pickup Truck into Mobile LED Advertising Truck

We have designed our mobile led billboards in a way that activates the brain in the most optimized manner. For example, the screen of our billboards can be seen with speckless clarity, be it during the daytime in direct sunlight or during the nighttime.

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