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Billboard Design: Mobile Billboard Ideas

Many people still wonder whether a mobile billboard design can grow your business. Well, the answer to that is “Yes”. Though it may be considered unconventional, it can still benefit your business.

For one, they are very visible and provide customers with your contact information. As an example, you can park near malls and other areas with large groups of people. Second, they convert many of those who see the billboard.

Moreover, it builds awareness of your company, services, or products. The more people see your brand, the more they’ll become familiar with it. This primes them for a sales pitch. Last, it is cost-effective and easily customizable with various multimedia.

Continue reading to learn how you can get these benefits using billboard design.

Billboard Design Tips to Attract Customers

As of early this year, there were about 341,000 billboards in the United States. This out-of-home advertising (OOH) approach persuades potential customers without bombarding them. Mobile billboards take this a step further. The vehicles will take your billboard to several locations, thus providing more exposure.

So, now that you know its benefits, how are you supposed to design the billboard? Here are four tips to help you:

1. Get to the Point

First, you have to use only one idea and avoid clutter. Filling the billboard with words or pictures will be too distracting for customers. In turn, this will waste the few seconds they have to see the ad and get the message.

Make sure to add your contacts and location as well. Some of the people who see the ad might want to visit your business. Add a call-to-action (CTA) as well.

2. Use Striking Images

Take your time and pick an image or several images that will represent your message. If you need to explain the picture then you’ve chosen the wrong one. It should speak for itself.

For example, if you put a photo of a burger and fries, everyone will know it’s about a fast food place. Thus, don’t use an image that might confuse or offend people.

3. Choose a Good Font

Next, choose a good font to present your message. Avoid fancy fonts that may look bad when enlarged.

Consider, also, whether the message will be on one of those trucks that light up at night. How will it look? Make sure you get it right. For instance, the simple message “Enjoy Coca-Cola” is an effective mobile billboard.

4. Go for Contrasting Colors

Last, pay attention to the colors. What message do they send to the public? Does the color enhance your brand? Does it clash with the text on your billboard? Answer these questions to get the right balance.

Choose contrasting colors as they will have a more striking effect on the public. These colors will do just enough to draw attention to the billboard. Combine it with the right image and a simple message and your ad will be ready.

Learn More About Mobile/Vehicle Digital Billboard Advertising

The tips above will help you with your billboard design. Remember, the goal is to communicate your message in a short time. Thus, get to the point, use attractive colors, and top it off with a good font.

Visit our website to learn more about mobile/vehicle digital billboard advertising.

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