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AdHitch Digital Billboards for Sale

We’re putting our best foot forward with our digital billboards for sale. The AdHitch is a portable billboard that connects to the hitch of your truck, jeep, or SUV. With both wired and wireless connection, the AdHitch digital billboard displays your image, video, or GIF instantly, finding customers for you as you drive around. Our LED screens are small enough to fit anywhere and big enough to stand out.

Easy setup, weather resistant, and eye-catching, AdHitch is the capstone to any advertising campaign. You aren’t limited to time and place with us—simply attach the AdHitch to your work vehicle and enjoy a simple, self-paying solution. With our all-star lineup of portable LED billboard systems, we’ll take your advertising where traditional billboards can’t go: anywhere.

AdHitch Portable Digital Billboard

The classic AdHitch model features a high-quality electronic billboard and a sleek, truck-friendly design. At AdHitch, we understand that your truck is your livelihood. You don’t want to waste time and money installing complex machinery that could damage an expensive, high-performance vehicle. That’s why the AdHitch screen attaches seamlessly to the back of your truck in 15 minutes. We made assembly and disassembly of this portable billboard easy so you can get back onto the road to your next job. We optimize your time with easy instructions and quality workmanship. With endless customizability and lightning-fast setup, the AdHitch Portable Digital Billboard is a jack of all trades in your advertising efforts.

AdHitch Roof Rack/Truck Bed System

With an elevated screen comes elevated exposure. The Roof Rack/Truck Bed System is another easy setup for an amazing LED screen. This portable billboard does everything the standard model can do, plus it comes equipped with an automatic hydraulic lift and a remote control option for ease of access. The system installs in your truck bed or roof rack for overhead, on-the-go advertising action.

AdHitch 3-Way Truck Bed System

Sometimes bigger is better. Our 3-way LED billboard system packs triple the firepower for an awesome portable billboard campaign. Just like the bed system, this setup hits the ground running with a trio of truck-ready billboards. Imagine the impact your messages could have with a 270 degree scope on the road, in the parking lot, and on the highway. A  “cool way to advertise” is how one major study recently described portable LED billboards, and the 3-Way Truck Bed System is worth every ounce of hype.

Experience AdHitch’s Freedom for Yourself

AdHitch products work behind the scenes while you drive, passively gathering impressions at the click of a button. Unlike other billboards, our electronic billboards go wherever you go and fit your business needs like a glove. Imagination is your only restraint when you can advertise to whoever, wherever, whenever. AdHitch means awesome advertising that goes where you go.

Ready to watch AdHitch work for you? Hook onto your strategy today! Request a free demo here and take control of your campaign!

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