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What are the software requirements?

Computer: Windows, Mac Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 10, Android, iOS Browser: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge

What are the full AdHitch specifications?

Dimensions: 53″w x 31.5″ h x 5″ d Resolution: 6mm Pixel Pitch (P6mm) Max Brightness: 8,000nits Weather Rating: IP67 front / IP60 rear LED Type:  Nationstar SMD Viewing Angle: 140° Horizontal 60° Vertical Power Source: Vehicle or Household (110v) outlet Control Card: Asynchronous Adjustable Brightness Swings out for full trunk access

What is the brightness of the display?

The screen is 6,500+ nits. The sign can be seen in direct sunlight and dim for night time use.

How is AdHitch powered?

You can plug into any standard household outlet (110v AC power source). Also runs off 110v vac plug and play for vehicle use.

What is the weight and dimensions of the AdHitch display?

The AdHitch display is 53″w x 31.5″h. It is roughly the size of a 65″ TV. A perfect size for every situation. The AdHitch weighs 95 lbs. It can easily be moved with two people between the stand and truck.

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