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AdHitch For

All-in-one digital signage and advertising solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies.


Endless Uses & Applications

Advertise the upcoming city fair, get important information out to the public fast, and so much more. AdHitch is a perfect fit for every government agency - everywhere.

Civic Events

Got an election or other important event coming up? Remind the entire community about it!

Important Reminders

Keep everyone informed of upcoming local events or to drive safe during inclement weather.

Messages From Leaders

Wish the community safe travels or provide important info during special events.

Emergency Situations

Ensure the entire community has the info they need during a disaster or other sensitive situation.


Photo & Video Capable

AdHitch HD billboard displays allow you to show any media content - still or full motion.

HD Pixel Pitches

AdHitch led billboards come in pixel pitches of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. We'll help you decide what's best.

Flexible Placement

Want your AdHitch permanently installed in a single location? Or would you prefer the ability to move it around? Enjoy both!

Cloud Uploads

Alter the content and messaging of your billboard instantly from any device.

24/7 Sign Support Service

Have an issue with you sign? We'll handle it for you immediately - day or night!

Unlimited Training

Our training staff will train you on all the AdHitch features for as long as you need it.

Getting AdHitch for Your Government Agency Is Easy.

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We'll have your AdHitch installed quick, train your entire staff, and offer unlimited support.

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