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Getting Started

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Connecting to The AdHitch

Connecting the AdHitch Screen | Corded: Ethernet Cable

  1. Ensure the power is off, then plug in the Ethernet cord into your computer and into the control card on the AdHitch (in the PC labeled port on control card)
  2. Turn on screen, and open “LED Config” You will see terminal appear. You are now connected via Ethernet Cord.

Connecting the AdHitch Screen | Wireless: WiFi

  1. Open LED Config
  2. Highlight terminal, settings > “General Settings”
  3. You will see three tabs, “Brightness, Network, Internet”
  4. Select Network
  5. Select “Single Mode”
  6. Take Note of SSID (name of wifi signal) DE1500250103
  7. Take Note of the Password – 0123456789
  8. Select OK at the bottom.
  9. Open up your “network connections” of your PC. (Usually can click small wifi status bar located on the bottom right of the start )
  10. Select wifi signal of screen (DE1500250103) and enter password
  11. Once connected, you can only control the screen via LEDGO

You can not access the internet while connected to the AdHitch

You can access your sceen and control your terminal via 3g

  1. Turn on your Verizon mobile hotspot device
  2. Open LED Config
  3. Highlight terminal, settings > “General Settings”
  4. You will see three tabs, “Brightness, Network, Internet”
  5. Select Network
  6. Select “Multi Mode”
  7. Enter name of Verizon wifi hotspot signal into “SSID:”
  8. Select “encryption” checkbox.
  9. Enter password of wifi hotspot into the “password” box.
  10. Select OK.
  11. You now can control your screen via LEDCloud Software or LEDGO software.

Register a free account with the LEDCloud website.

Register for the LEDCloud Web-based software system for the W2 Control Card (Please use google chrome as your browser for registration and use of the LEDCloud)

  1. Type into web browser (and bookmark):
  2. Select the option under “No Account” to sign in.
  3. Fill out the registration form on the next page


Keep the “user” name simple (this will be your login user name). Don’t forget your password.  The “contract” field is meant for your EMAIL ADDRESS! Please input the email address you wish to receive the confirmation email. Select Register Button when you are finished.

Once you complete this registration form, you will most likely need to wait up to 24 hours for a confirmation e-mail. (If an email is not received, try to log into your account.

Anytime you want to access your sign from any internet device, you must type in this IP Address into the web address bar and it will bring you to the login in screen. Make sure you bookmark this site on all devices so its easy to access.

  1.  Log in by going to
  2. Type in your “User” name
  3. Type in your password
  4. Log in
  5. Now your control card is linked to your online LEDCloud account!
  6. Please refer to the LED Cloud Program Manual. You must now change your settings in LEDConfig to “multi” mode.
  7. Once you change the settings – refer to the linked videos to learn to create programs.

Battery Installation

AdHitch Installation

Attaching the sign to your vehicle

  1. Slide bottom swing arm into hitch receiver until holes match up
  2. Insert Hitch pin lock and pin.
  3. Tighten bolt on the front of the swing arm to wedge swing arm to insure stability and reduce vibrations while driving.
  4. Lift screen with two people and maneuver screen on top of bottom swing arm with bolt through the top swing arm. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER TO PLACE NYLON WASHER ON BOLT IN BETWEEN TOP AND BOTTOM SWING ARMS!
  5. Slide bolt and top swing arm through bottom swing arm and lock Adhitch swing arms.
  6. Insert metal washer and nut on the bottom of the bolt below bottom swing arm. Tighten.
  7. Make sure quick release is locked and hook safety chain to trailer hitch.
  8. Place extra trailer brake lights on vehicle if necessary.
  9. Attach license plate to Adhitch license plate holder.
  10. Power up sign via external battery in trunk or truck bed via 10/2gauge wire.


Attaching the sign to the mobile stand

  1. Assemble the wheels onto the mobile stand.
  2. Slide the lower arm into the mobile stand insert hich pin and tighten the ADHITCH bolt.
  3. 2 people lift the sign and mount to lower arm so the elbow matches up. Make sure the sign feels solid on the stand with the chrome latch engaged. Make sure 2 people are holding sign in place during assembly.
  4. While 2 people hold sign in place slide bolt into elbow(1 chrome washer on top, nylon washer inbetween the 2 arms and 1 chrome washer on the bottom.
  5. Once bolt is securely fastened and the sign is latched in the saddle it is ready to go.
  6. Plug sign into the power supply and plug power supply into the wall.