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Instant Billboard Truck with AdHitch

When we say advertising that goes anywhere, we mean it. The AdHitch makes any vehicle with a hitch a mobile billboard truck, sporting a high-def LED screen and incredible exposure. This billboard is small and portable, and isn’t restricted by time and place. Instead of relying on someone else’s availability, take your business into your own hands and deliver advertising results on the go.

Perfect for any small business, the AdHitch’s mobile billboard truck setup takes only 15 minutes. Its racecar-fast setup can only be compared to how quickly it pays itself off. While big billboards can set you back more than you can afford, and may not deliver guaranteed exposure, the AdHitch mobile LED screen goes where your customers are.

Portability puts you in control

If the vehicle’s running, your ads are running. At the push of a button, any image, video, or GIF starts playing on your vehicle. While you relax and enjoy the drive home, the AdHitch never stops working for you. It’s an attention grabber that influences potential customers wherever you drive.

Unlike regular billboards, the AdHitch brings you to the people you want to see. Look up local events and find places where your mobile billboard truck will get the most exposure. Showing off the AdHitch will also show people what vehicle you’ll arrive to their house in; little details like that build trust before you even knock on the door.

And yes, you can still access the truck bed while the AdHitch is running. The billboard swings out 90” for full rear access anytime you need something from the back. We design each electronic screen with your business in mind, so your vehicle won’t lose any functionality while it’s gathering customer impressions.

Cheap solution to a mobile campaign

Sell a few ad spaces and AdHitch pays for itself. Whether it’s your own business or someone else’s, our on-the-go billboards maximize your efficiency. Finding customers is as easy as clicking a button or pressing a smartphone touchscreen. We’ve optimized our LED screens to have all the functionality of a giant billboard and all the portability of your vehicle of choice.

AdHitch Mobile Billboard on the News

As seen on ABC 4 News, the AdHitch is the dream companion for any small business. You may not be able to rent out a ginormous billboard, but the AdHitch is a bite-sized solution to big-time advertising gains. It works anywhere, anytime, and in any weather—starting at just $300 per month.

Advertise with AdHitch

AdHitch is the world’s number one in mobile LED billboards. We deliver high-quality products that go anywhere, anytime, and with any campaign. Having a mobile billboard truck puts you in the driver seat while your AdHitch advertises any way you’d like. Every superhero needs a sidekick, and the AdHitch is ready to take off with you. Request a demo of the AdHitch Portable Digital Billboard today and start your campaign’s engines! Hook onto a new advertising horizon with AdHitch!

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