Guerilla Marketing Services

Adhitch offers cutting-edge guerilla marketing services


Want to do something dramatically phenomenal to your marketing campaigns? Try guerilla marketing services offered by Adhitch, a leading expert in digital marketing. With the help of our unconventional out-of-home street-level marketing, your brand gets a dynamic push, telling the story in a much more impactful manner.

What do Adhitch’s guerilla marketing services entail?

  1. Comprehension of your goals

The first step, of course, is to understand the reasons behind going in for guerrilla marketing. Only when we interpret your objectives completely can we work out an initiative that will truly deliver.

  1. Presenting the strategy and initiating work

We brainstorm internally and externally to develop an approach that is best suited for your needs and requirements. Once we get your go-ahead, we proceed with the arrangements. It involves:

  • Scouting locations,
  • Speaking to artists and negotiating with them
  • Getting the permits
  • Work out the financial components like rental fees and other elements.
  1. Executing the plan

From addressing the creative elements to handling the press, we ensure thorough coverage of every aspect essential to your campaign’s success.

  1. Iterating

An essential aspect is tweaking and adjusting the strategy with the response received from the target customers. With us around, no challenge is big enough. Your guerrilla marketing campaign is in the most trusted hands when you choose us as your guerrilla marketing agency.

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Why choose us for guerilla marketing services?


We are one of the US’s top leading-edge marketing service providers, known for our innovative and disruptive customer engagement programs. Whether guerilla marketing has been a part of marketing campaigns earlier or you are new to the concept, Adhitch ensures working hand-in-hand to design guerilla marketing campaigns that deliver optimal results.

Our expertise and experience in this field witness us delivering results following the best practices. Minute details, tactical or logistical, are given attention irrespective of the campaign being a standalone program or a part of a bigger experiential one. Be it any arena of work or play – music, sports, lifestyle, retail, or more- our experience in this niche gives you a distinctive advantage in conceptualizing, designing, or implementing guerilla campaigns.

We take delight in our staff members’ experience and competency, who never hesitate to go the extra mile in creating engaging experiences for your customers. Ensuring continued learning, we focus on keeping our smart team abreast with the latest trends in the industry. When Adhitch is your appointed guerilla marketing agency, you can be sure of getting the right fit for your guerilla program.


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