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Fleet Advertising Services

For proven quality fleet advertising services, call Adhitch

Tried all forms of advertising and yet not getting the kind of market reach you desire? Understandably, your business needs an innovative way to advertise your product line! Are you worried about escalating marketing costs because of the new ways of advertising? No worries, we have the best the most cost-effective solution for your dilemma!

Welcome to Adhitch, US’ top fleet wrap advertising company

We will start by saying that we are experts in fleet advertising services. The best part is that we have been associated with this niche for years now and have delivered success stories endlessly for our clients. Hence, be rest assured, you are talking to specialists when you get in touch with us.

AdHitch Digital LED Billboard on Truck Hitch

 Why fleet wrap advertising?

First things first! Car wrap adverts work brilliantly in the local region. So, if your business has a local clientele, look at hiring us to create amazing car wraps for promoting your brand and products.

One common myth about a car wrap is that it is a mere sticker that gets pasted onto the vehicle’s outer body. Well, fleet wraps are much more than glue-bodied stickers.

Adhitch is one of the premier advertising agencies in the country that creates smart digitally-printed wraps or billboards tucked onto the exterior of an automobile.

We have an amazing in-house team of designers who conceptualize the ad content to meet your business goals. We then get the same printed onto vinyl films and apply it to the vehicle’s outer surface.

The best part about fleet wraps advertising

It reaches places and people where even social media cannot reach. TV, Radio, and print ads create impressions on people who see or read them, respectively. Social media reaches out to people who have smartphones, can access the internet on their laptops and desktops. Most of all, social media ads can be seen by people only when they open the ads and wish to see them.

That is not how things happen with car wraps! A wrapped car in a traffic red light or jam cannot be missed, especially if the graphics are vividly done. Therefore, the potential of this medium to make and leave an impression on the viewer’s mind is unfathomable. Market research says that more than 98% of people are bound to notice an ad on a truck or car side. Digital billboards on vehicles have higher chances of grabbing attention. Thus, an investment that is worth every last penny you spend!

At Adhitch, we offer affordable fleet advertising services so that you can be sure of earning laudable profits by the end of the campaign.