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Revolutionizing Billboard Advertising With Patented Technologies

Portable Billboard Marketing

Our Portable Digital Billboard is so versatile, it is simply one of the single best ways to advertise your business and events. In fact, we have revolutionized the industry with our easily-programmable, vehicle-attached LED signs. We offer an all-inclusive package that puts you in full control of how you advertise.



The AdVantages

Store Front Signage

The AdHitch allows you to have that billboard because it is not a permanent structure. Not only can you finally get your store front signage, but with our AdHitch, you also get a portable billboard you can bring anywhere!

Indoor Store/Event Signage

Need a sign that you can move around your business or venue quickly? Then, easily attach the AdHitch to the INCLUDED AdHitch portable stand on wheels.

Mobile Billboard

Easily turn your company vehicle into a mobile billboard that can promote your business, anywhere & anytime! Throw it on your daily driver to have a mobile billboard unit in minutes! Put your message where you need it!

Passive Income

Now that you have the ability to turn your daily driver into a mobile billboard, you can easily rent your sign and ad space for quick, easy income.