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Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

AdHitch Mobile Billboards​

Gone are the days for only big corporate companies could have huge billboards erected on key locations for all to see and have pride in buying their products. Adhitch does it better by hitchhiking huge LED billboards, truck advertising, and other large container vehicles to make vehicle billboard advertising reach as many places as possible. And it is not possible for anyone passing by to notice it and record it in their memory. And whenever they need that product or service, it instantly crosses their minds and makes them search for it on their smartphone. It is the reason that surveys confirm the reach of products and services combining our mobile truck advertising OOH media and smartphones campaign.

Our AdHitch easy-to-use interface with advanced technology enables control of the entire mobile truck advertising wirelessly with any device. It is easy to upload images and videos or even sell the ad space to others using this fantastic interface by connecting to the Wi-Fi. Our LED billboard truck advertising with cloud uploads enables the programmer to set a campaign and get auto-generated reports on the reach of the truck nonstop, even during the rain and shine. With a GPS tracking the delivery of the campaign impressions on the prescribed strategy, it is easy to ensure and measure the reach of the brand awareness.

Benefits of AdHitch mobile truck advertising​​

  • With the rapid rise of mobile truck advertising worldwide, AdHitch is more of an essential need than a luxury for any business.  Unlike regular traditional billboards that reach the people where it gets erected, our mobile truck advertising reaches far and near as trucks travel thousands of miles.  Apart from hospitals, education, real estate, small and big businesses, law enforcement and government offices use our services to instantly send messages to people. It may warn people about fires or crashes and other natural and human-made disasters to avoid further damage.
  • We offer the most versatile LED billboard truck advertising that has exposure beyond the expectations of our customers.  Even small local businesses can reach new heights as it gets combined with the smartphone campaign, which surveys confirm an increase in hundreds of percentage reach far and wide. It helps to increase sales of products and services, breaking geographical barriers and skyrocketing business growth.
  • Call us now for more information about our interface and its control of our overall LED billboard truck advertising for developing your business exponentially.​