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World’s First Portable Digital Billboard


Start a Business, Brand and Advertise Your Own Business or Both!

Financing Is Available!

Commercial finance and lease programs available through American Financial Partners, Inc.

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Puts YOU In Control

AdHitch is the first-ever, portable digital billboard that goes where traditional billboards can’t – Everywhere!

Combining vivid imagery with motion, the AdHitch LED portable billboard system is essential for entrepreneurs and businesses! Whether you are looking to start a business or grow an existing one, the AdHitch Portable Billboard System is a total game changer.

The AdHitch billboard has revolutionized the industry. The perfect marketing tool for any size business or any event. The possibilities are truly endless! Take your message to the masses and market to your target audience with precision with AdHitch.

Control everything, from any device, wirelessly.

The AdHitch interface puts you in control of everything. 

Simply connect to the wifi network created by your billboard, then upload images & video, or even sell ad space on your billboard to others – all through our easy-to-use interface.


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