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With a proven manifestation as one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising, truck billboard advertising is not something new. Brands and companies have used for years to reach out to markets that they could have taken years to reach. If you wish to take your OOH (Out of Home) advertising to a different level, give it a fresh perspective and range, consider. Turn any Pickup into a Mobile Billboard LED Advertising truck in Minutes.

Adhitch is redefining Mobile LED Mobile Billboards niche. It goes where Billboards can’t go. With the help of Adhitch’s hi-tech Portable Digital mobile billboards, reaching your target market is easy and effective. The unique blend of technology and creativity helps drive brand engagement with your customers to several notches higher. Take advantage of one of the most cost-effective marketing and promotional tools that are on the move, offering brands complete control over their ad space. You are in complete control of the content and where you want your content to be seen. You can change and upload content instantly and wirelessly. That is power. Note this:

  • The use of state of the art LED billboards can have a mesmerizing effect on the viewer -such undeniable quality ad content. OOH, advertising can become a turning point in your marketing strategy because, unlike print or digital media ads where the viewer decides to watch an ad or skip, there is no such choice in the case of a high-powered LED Advertising truck with the audience.
  • The Adhitch LED Billboard pickup truck version can be assembled and disassembled within minutes, making it convenient for the vehicle owners to adjust and mount their ads accordingly, whenever and wherever required. The easy-to-assemble and dissemble LED billboards from Adhitch can be done independently by anyone without harming the vehicle or the LED board in anyways.
  • The Adhitch LED mobile billboards can be used for maximum screen and ad exposure and attached on the ADHITCH frame in bed of truck on all three sides.

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Reach out to cities and towns that you had never thought of before – from San Jose in the west to Indianapolis to the east. Adhitch is one of the most trusted and leading Portable LED billboard makers in the US, helping you approach Out of Home advertising effectively-helping you advertise and brand message directly toward your target market in the fastest possible time.

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